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Improve Your Credit

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If You're Ready To Clean Up Your Credit RIGHT NOW, Then This Just May Be The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Read....

From: David Myers

Dear Friend:

These days the economy is taking an awful toll on people's credit. Job layoffs, reduced salaries and shrinking retirement funds have placed many of us in a precarious position. 

It's not all your fault that you have credit problems but at least you have an affordable option to easily repair your credit report and once again be able to get those car loans, credit cards and home loans that are so important to all of us.

You can change your credit situation by using our "exclusive automated system" , Credit Solution Repair, makes this all possible. Everything you will be doing to restore your credit is both simple and fast. You’ll wonder what you ever did before you found the Credit Solution Repair system, and that's just the beginning.

            Credit Solution Repair is like no other product on the market today.
In order for you to clean up your credit and get yourself a good credit score, you'll need to have the right information and know the correct steps to take.

Remember, you are the only one that will suffer if you make critical mistakes when you are trying to repair your credit. Our fool proof system is designed to prevent this from ever happening to you.

           With Credit Solution Repair these problems will never happen to you.
One of the biggest problems people have when they are trying to repair their own credit is that they often get discouraged by not getting the results they desire. Burying your head in the sand will not change anything at all when it comes to your credit record.

Negative items can stay on your credit record for 7 years and bankruptcies can remain for up to 10 years. Many of these items can be removed from your credit report if you just know the proper way to dispute them.  The credit bureaus assume that most people will never dispute an item or check their record for mistakes. We make sure you handle these items.

           Working with Credit Repair Law Firms can create even more problems.
The sad fact is that you will pay big money for a Credit Law Firm and you end up being the one doing most of the work. You pay the firm and then they tell you to get all the documentation together, get paperwork notarized and then fax it in to them.

Big credit law firms tend to work very slowly.  This makes sense as they are billing you hourly and are rarely in a hurry to get things done. The longer the process takes the more money they put on the bottom line.

This extended time span, when using a law firm for credit repair, can cost you $1000's and not to mention the time you will lose in the whole process Credit Solution Repair totally eliminates these problems for you by one click of a mouse.

Improve Your Credit

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Let Me Share Some Important Facts With You About
The "Credit Solution Repair System"

           Our exclusive system offers you true point and click simplicity.
There are no letters for you to write, no laws to understand, no complications whatsoever. Everything that you do in the system is simple, fast, and very effective. The developers of this system have over 20 years experience in the credit industry and have used all of their expertise to design a fool proof and simple method for people like you to repair their own credit, simply and quickly.

           Not getting results from the Credit Bureaus is a thing of the past...
Each letter you automatically submit is fully customized to look like it was sent by an individual, not a credit repair agency or law firm. To create these letters all you do is point and click. It's that easy. You will not be spending months and years trying to get your credit cleaned up. Our step-by-step method keeps you right on track and cuts the time needed to a minimum.

With Credit Solution Repair You Get:

The Credit Dispute Pro Guide - Our exclusive credit repair processing system that shows you the best way to repair your credit, fast and with great results.
A Complete Video Course Guide - You get easy to follow videos explaining each step of the Credit Dispute Pro System. You are guided thorough the process step by step.
Time Saving Credit Report Improvement Methods - A simple guide to achieve even faster results when repairing your credit.
The Dispute Tracking System - Keeps you on target by organizing all the disputes that you have filed.
The Exclusive Credit Solution Repair Ebook - It's a comprehensive 131 page guide containing everything you need to do to successfully repair your own credit.
Credit Solution Repair Quick Start Guide - A condensed version of our larger Ebook.
Free System Upgrades For Life - Our system is constantly updated. All upgrades are free with never any additional charges. Your system never becomes obsolete
Our "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee - You get a 60 Day money back guarantee. We will take on all the risk because we know you will be completely satisfied. To get a refund, just notify us.

This Is A One Of A Kind System That You Will Find Nowhere Else!

It's packed with resources and features that are all designed to make it easier for you to fix your own credit and avoid having to spend $1000's doing it. Plus Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

Improve Your Credit

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"I found it to be very easy to use"

"I found it to be very easy to use and navigate. The best feature was how you made it so simple with the step by step process."

Dave Wilton, TX

                Listen, these days none of us has much time to waste!
We don't want you to waste your time buying into the empty promises made by many other MORE expensive credit repair programs. You owe it to yourself to choose a system that really works! Credit Solution Repair is your answer. It comes with our full guarantee for a quicker, more effective solution to your broken credit record!

               Typical credit repair programs are way too complicated for the average person.
You need to understand that they often involve confusing steps that take you through a long drawn out process or require constant contact with attorneys. Most of us just don't have time or the money for that! 

In addition, many programs don't take in to consideration the dynamics of the credit repair business and the fact that laws and processes change from year to year. You could find yourself buying into a program with 15 year old information that may be obsolete!                     

    You get Instant Access to the entire Credit Solution Repair System.
When you buy the Credit Solution Repair system you will have instant access to all parts of your new credit repair system. It is instantly available for you to use right from your computer.

We make understanding our system super easy for you. We providing you with an online Video Course Guide that takes you through the entire process, step-by-step. You also receive a special guide that reveals little known, time saving credit methods that you can use to expedite the process.

With Credit Solution Repair's lifetime updates your system is never obsolete.
We are constantly updating our information and staying on the leading edge of the credit repair business. This means your system is always up to date and very user friendly. No complications, no confusion! It is a simple step-by-step process that is clearly outlined for you to follow.

                    You also get access to our Special Dispute Tracking System.
This component is vital to keeping you organized and on track. You always know exactly where you are in the process. In addition to this you also get both a condensed, quick start system guide and a full 131 page Ebook that takes you through the entire system.

You'll also have access to the latest credit repair information because as an owner of the Credit Solution Repair system you are entitled to lifetime system upgrades . You can rest assured that the system you are buying will never become obsolete.

man "I wasted money on other programs"

"The only negative thing I have to say is I wish I would have found out about your system before I wasted money on other credit services. Thanks for time and effort to put this product out there on the web for all of us to benefit from."

Mark Suitor, CA

Best Of All The Credit Solution Repair System Works.

We have paid attention to the details so that you can have the best credit repair system available. This should come as no surprise since the developers of this system have over 34 years experience in the credit industry.

Back in 2000, we put the best minds in the industry together, took a lot of time to think things through, and only began the development of Credit Solution Repair when we were satisfied that we had every potential credit issue you could face, worked out to our satisfaction.

Our efforts have resulted in a package that does exactly what it claims to do and does it exceptionally well! All that's left for you to do is point and click. It′s fast!  It′s simple!

To prove how sure we are that the Credit Solution Repairs System will work above and beyond all your expectations, we’re willing to give you a complete money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied in any way.

We Take All The Risk - 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Click Here To Order Now!

Credit Repair Solution Is The Answer To Your Credit Repair Problems.

You never have to write lengthy and complicated letters to creditors or the Credit Bureaus.
Credit bureaus will never send your dispute requests back because they felt they were "frivolous"
You can see results very quickly - the system is designed to "fast track" your credit repair process. No more waiting months to see results like other credit services.
The Credit Solution Repair's Dispute Tracker System keeps you on track and on schedule.
By using the system to repair your own credit you will save $1000's.

Until Recently Our System Sold For As Much As $297.
We felt that with the current economic situation and the fact that more and more people every day are undergoing credit challenges something has to be done. So, we temporarily reduced the price of the program to only $69.97 to make it more affordable to a larger number of people that need this service.

man"It′s the most efficient system"

"Credit Solution Repair is the easy, and it′s the most efficient system you could possibly use. It is more than just credit repair; it is a lifetime educational system. Please try this system, it works! Thanks again for all the support"

Rathell Williams, NC

However, we are seeing a large spike in sales and when our servers start to get near capacity we will have to raise our price back to at least $297 if not more. At $69.97 this program is a true bargain!

If you were to use a credit repair law firm, to repair your credit, your billing would reach the $1000+ range very quickly. Typically most credit repair companies charge large up front fees along with on-going monthly billing. With Credit Solution Repair you make a one time payment and the system is yours for as long as you need it.

Get Your Credit Solution Repair System Now!

man"The bonuses were as good as the system"

"Not only did this program have everything I need to know about removing negative items from my credit report. It also had great bonuses that I thought was worth the price alone."

Jeff Finell, MI

But Wait! As They Say On TV There Is Still More.

Order Now And Get Over $379.76 In Free Bonuses!

By ordering now, we are throwing in heaps of bonus gifts!! That’s right! FREE bonus materials, valued at over $379.76 to be exact! These additional Reports, training material, e-Books and more are yours if you Order Credit Solution Repair TODAY at our Special Discounted Price of $69.97!!

Super Bonus #1
Credit Solution Repair
"How to Increase your Credit Score by 150 to 250 Points in Just 3 Weeks by ‘Borrowing′ Someone Else′s Credit – With Absolutely No Risk to Them Whatsoever!"
This bonus shows you how to use someone else's credit LAWFULLY to boost your own scores. I personally used this method on many of my past clients and it truly works! Value $39.97 Free

Super Bonus #2
Credit Solution Repair
"How to Settle Debts for Pennies on the Dollar"
We managed to sit down with some of the nations top credit managers and we are sharing the excellent advice that they had to give with you! Value $49.97 Free

Super Bonus #3
Credit Solution Repair
"Why pay to see your own credit report?"
This exclusive guide will show you 5 different ways to avoid ever paying for your own 3 bureau report. instead of the Avoid part! Value $19.97 Free

Super Bonus #4
Credit Solution Repair
"Postpone Mortgage Payments for up to a Year Without Affecting your Credit And Reduce your Monthly Payment by Hundreds of Dollars, Simply by Asking"
Did you know you could do this? There is a specific process to obtaining a forbearance. This excellent guide teaches you everything you need to know about Forbearance as a foreclosure
-busting option! Value $59.97 Free

Super Bonus #5
Credit Solution Repair
"How to Improve your Credit Score by Increasing the Credit Limit on your Credit Cards"
Your credit score is strongly affected by the status of your credit cards. If you can′t pay off the balance on your credit card, then try requesting a higher spending limit. This will instantly raise your credit score! Learn all there is to know about this strategy. Value $39.97 Free

Super Bonus #6
Credit Solution Repair
"How to Improve your Credit Score by Adding Utility Payments, Rent, and Other Unreported Items to your Credit Report"
All of the above credit can be added to your credit record and work together to improve your credit score. Learn how! Value $49.97 Free

Super Bonus #7
Credit Solution Repair
"How to Improve your Credit Score and Save Thousands by Lowering the Interest Rates on all your Credit Cards"
You know that credit card status affects your credit score. From this guide, learn how to get your interests rates reduced!! In doing so, your monthly payments will be lower allowing you to pay off more of credit card debt. Resulting in a higher credit score! Value $39.97 Free

Super Bonus #8
Credit Solution Repair
"The Most Detailed Information on Government Grants"
Take advantage of a thorough list of government grant programs and all of the relevant web sites to apply for them. Many qualify for these programs and have no idea that they exist! Value $79.97 Free

Now That You Have all The Facts About Credit Solution Repair
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Getting our system working for you takes only minutes.
Remember nothing happens until you take action.
Get on the road to a better credit score right now. Don't Wait!

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Credit Solution Repair
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